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I really meant to post Monday about how awesome the classes with Anne Hanson were on Sunday. My mother-in-law visited on Tuesday, though, so Monday was Clean All The Things day. Then yesterday morning, I was settling down at the computer, eating a bagel for breakfast, and broke a tooth. So my day became rather over-involved with dentistry issues, and now most of the week is already gone and I get to look forward to having a titanium screw put in my jaw sometime in the next six months. (And, wouldn’t you know, I’m getting ‘bonk’ed when I try uploading pics for this post to flickr… I wonder if they’re on Amazon’s server cloud, which is also borked today?)


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In the wee hours of yesterday morning, I finished my first sweater!
leaving FO front

Please excuse the stupid expression on my face.

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I think it’s time to give up any hope of a sensible chronology on this blog… so, embracing the non-linear, I’m skipping over all the other knitting related stuff I’ve been doing lately to bring you the story of The Swatch.

Now, understand that I have never made a fitted sweater. I make socks; I make hats; I make gloves of different lengths and with varying numbers of fingers. But the only sweater I’ve made for myself is an oversized Elspeth Lavold coat that fits like an extremely expensive sack of potatoes. Fitting a sweater to my figure has always seemed like it will be a nightmare because finding clothes that fit is always a nightmare. Being short-waisted is worse than being fat, y’all. I can always buy a bigger size, but there’s no way to fix a shoulder-to-bust measurement that’s too long.

Still, I’d like a sweater. It’s the kind of challenge for me that socks are for other knitters. (more…)

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