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Watson overall2

This entry contains the full text and pictures from the PDF pattern, available for free through Ravelry here, with a bit of extra blathering since formatting is less critical. Ever since getting an iPad my appreciation for web patterns vs fixed-format PDFs has skyrocketed, so I decided to make this available in both formats. As a former technical writer and all-around persnickety person, I think the pattern should be error-free, but it is still my first published pattern and I welcome feedback, either in comments here or at my blog/Ravelry name @gmail.com.


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At Cafe Blue in Volente, TX. It’s a gorgeous 90F today — we had a cold front come through yesterday. This is Texas in September, folks.

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T- 6 hrs and counting

Over the weekend I timed my knitting and did some math, and at that point I had 16.5 hrs of knitting to finish my second Veronica Mars sock (I was just at the point of starting calf decreases).

I’m down to 6 hrs now, but it’s the last day of the month, so I’ll have to hope my wrists are used to the stranded knitting again and won’t force me to take long breaks. Since this is my first stranded knitting project, I really want to finish and enter the project in the SKA challenge.

I’ll get back to finishing the Watson socks once this pair is done. And hey, 6 hrs is enough time to watch all of Sherlock again, including the unaired pilot which owns a piece of my heart. Transport, indeed!

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Now that I’ve overcome that hurdle, I should be looking for test knitters sometime next week. If anyone’s interested, let me know! (The pattern will be free, so you’ll just get first crack at it.)

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Ok, so I’ve hit a snag with the Watson socks. I’m working them toe up, because yardage can sometimes be tight when knitting for a guy with big feet and I want the ability to bind off whenever I run out of yarn. Divide your skein by weight before beginning, and it’s a painless way to ensure matching socks.

The heel is giving me fits, though. Big guy feet need some sort of gusset, so a purely short row heel is out. I first tried Cat Bordhi’s master heel from her New Pathways book, but if I can avoid wraps it would be nice, since not everybody is comfortable doing them. Plus, the heel turn for a 38 stitch sole (plus 18 gusset sts on each side) added so much length to the sock that it became too long in the foot.

My other constraint is the 12 row pattern repeat. I would like to come out of the heel turn able to start a new repeat, which means I can only adjust the start of the gusset increases, heel turn, etc in 1 inch increments (my gauge is about 10 rows per inch).

I really like Katherine Misegades’ nonstop heel, which I actually encountered first in one of my favorite sock patterns, Anne Campbell’s Show-Off Stranded Socks. Long story slightly less long – I can’t adapt that one to my toe-up sock.

I’ve never worked the Fleegle heel before, but it seems like a blend of the nonstop heel and the Cat Bordhi heel. Fleegle wants a set number of gusset increases based on the stitch count, though, which I think would be 19 gusset sts per side for a 76 stitch sock (her chart doesn’t even go this high). I don’t want people to have to do math to knit these socks, though, which means I need exactly 16 gusset stitches on each side.

So, my tl;dr question is this: are the charted numbers of gusset stitches critical to the Fleegle heel, or will the general directions work regardless of the numbers?

I’ve already worked this sock’s heel twice and my CTH possum yarn is shedding like crazy on my sweaty hands, so if I had a predictor of success before knitting it for a third time, that would be really awesome. If anyone is very familiar with heels, especially the Fleegle heel, I’ve got email and AIM and that Google chat thingie and would love help figuring this out.

My guess is that the number isn’t critical, and is instead meant to be a math-less shortcut to automatically making a gusset of approximately the right size based on stitch count. I think I need a bit of time with another project and an amaretto sour or two before I tackle it again, though. Who’d have guessed my stranded argyle socks would count as the “brainless” knitting so quickly?

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