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T- 6 hrs and counting

Over the weekend I timed my knitting and did some math, and at that point I had 16.5 hrs of knitting to finish my second Veronica Mars sock (I was just at the point of starting calf decreases).

I’m down to 6 hrs now, but it’s the last day of the month, so I’ll have to hope my wrists are used to the stranded knitting again and won’t force me to take long breaks. Since this is my first stranded knitting project, I really want to finish and enter the project in the SKA challenge.

I’ll get back to finishing the Watson socks once this pair is done. And hey, 6 hrs is enough time to watch all of Sherlock again, including the unaired pilot which owns a piece of my heart. Transport, indeed!


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I’ve been really struggling with my first colorwork socks, the Neptune High faux argyle pattern inspired by Veronica Mars. Sorry, no fancy linkage today since I’m writing this on my phone while a cat is in my lap.

I’m using the Philosopher’s two-handed, no-floats method of stranding, which I picked up quickly and have no problems with. (I’ve already added a link to the technique video in my sidebar; definitely recommended.) Decreasing in pattern, on the other hand, was a “10 rows forward, 5 rows back” exercise until just today, when all of a sudden I have most of a kneesock leg and all the decreases done.

So there’s just enough time to start another pair of stranded socks to qualify for the July Sock Knitters Anonymous challenge. I decided to cast on the socks that these were just practice for… Selbudeath, which I’m doing as pretty peachy-pink skulls on a black field. I just need to convince the white or orange cats to sit in my lap for the duration.

I have no idea what order the pictures will show up in, btw, but I’m confident you can tell the one from the other.

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