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Ravelry iPhone app!

ETA 4/2011: Since this post still gets a lot of traffic from search engines… the official Ravelry App has been canceled in favor of them improving the mobile Ravelry site. Read Casey’s explanation at http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/for-the-love-of-ravelry/1465110/1-25#2.


I went to The Knitting Nest today for their Valentine’s Day Ravelry party. It was a fun time, and I’m sorry I didn’t think to bring a camera or take pictures on the phone. I also kind of feel like a fraud because someone else did have a camera, and I think got pics of me working with my drop spindle, probably ineptly since I’ve never actually plied and finished a handspun yarn. I’d forgotten that spinning tends to attract attention… not my goal, but Icarus is at the point of needing its charts, and I need to wind bobbins of Color B before I can do any more on my sock. There was a sale in honor of the day, and I picked up a nice llama/wool blend called Guanaco (no actual guanaco content, but I thought the name would amuse my camelid-loving husband). I’m going to try making fingerless gloves/wristwarmers from it, to ward off the sometimes Arctic chill in my computer room.

And now, on to the scoop: Ravelry iPhone app!


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Saturday I finished the Circle Socks:

I don’t know if it was good luck or good manufacturing, but my two skeins of Felici were almost identical in patterning. This pleases me:

The very last cast-off row on the right sock is in tan, but you can barely tell. I like that I got to use up the self-striping yarn on an interesting pattern… one that, because of the size 0 cuffs, leaves a honeycomb pattern on my leg when I wear them! Good thing I mind tight socks less than I’d mind slouchy socks. I may try to pawn this pair off on my Mom, though, because I’m pretty tired of looking at brown, brown, brown, and can’t conceive of when I’d ever wear them.

I took Sunday off from socks and instead wound the Claudia silk lace for my next shawl project, which if the yarn cooperates will be a Queen Silvia.

BTW, the “flickr sendr” app has made my life so much easier… now it’s just as fast to use my iPhone as it is to go dig up the real camera.

Yesterday I got back to my windowpane socks. I’m on version 2.1 of the cuff pattern chart, and trying to figure out how to de-funkify a funky intarsia cable cross where the colors aren’t lining up quite right. I have 14 days to knit 1.75 socks, including writing the heel instructions. I’m afraid that the pattern is going to insist on a wedge toe… a whirlpool toe would interrupt the nice clean lines, so I’ll just have to suck it up and deal, for the sake of getting good pictures for the PDF. (Maybe I won’t weave in the ends, and redo the toe as a whirlpool after picture-taking.)

Saw Julie & Julia on Friday and am now having to resist the urge to put in plaintive “Is anybody out there” comments, even though I don’t get fussed over page hits or comments. I kind of see this blog as a combination of my own knitting/design notebook, and eventually a resource for anybody who’s using my patterns and wants more info. Also, now I kind of want to debone a duck, stuff sausage in it, and wrap it all in pastry. But I won’t, because I have 14 days and 1.75 socks to go.

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Set aside my sock projects this weekend to make a hat instead. Easy pattern. I only wish photographing a hat while on one’s own head were as easy:

There’s someone else in the house who’s happy to model hats, though… mostly because once Dot’s picked a spot to nap, nothing short of the zombie apocalypse will get her to move. Thus, a hat on a cat!

I added 32 gauge white florist’s wire along three edges of the brim, to make it poseable. Worked like a charm!

Unfortunately the hat is very warm to wear… possibly because I used the acrylic/nylon Berroco Comfort yarn I had lying around, possibly because it’s a proper hat shape instead of the loose head kerchiefs I usually wear. It’ll be great for putting the top down in my MINI this fall, but not so good for wearing it to the concert I’m going to tonight. Which is where the panic attack comes in, because I’m Very Bad with crowds, and the guys in the band I’m going to see tonight (The Cab) were probably in elementary school the last time I went to a show. In mentally skittering around the edges of All The Ways This Could Possibly Go Wrong, I’d decided that I wanted to wear a nifty knitted trucker hat (instead of the frankly latter day hippie kerchief look). But it’s a warm hat, and the high temp today will be 105F, so I can’t wear my knitted hat of +10 save vs. scene kids.

I’ve resolved to simply Not Think About It, until I’m Already There OMGWTFBBQ! Twiddling my thumbs for half an hour, then I’m going to listen to the live stream of Oregon Public Radio’s Think Out Loud interview with Cat Bordhi and others attending the Sock Summit. Do I even need to say how jealous I am of all the lucky attendees?

I also started improvised knitting on an iPhone holder that will attach to my belt loop with carabiner clips. I was thinking about wearing it tonight because I want to try the new voice memo app to record at least one of the songs. That way there would be proof that I Was Not Too Cowardly To Go. The DH, who has much more concert-going experience than I do, warned that anything attached to my person rather than tucked inside a pocket, preferably right up against the skin, is going to get bashed around a lot in the crowd. (Not Thinking About It. Not Thinking About It.) So I’m not stressed to get that done today.

I think I’ll make some of Barefoot Contessa’s granola bars later. Knitting group is tomorrow morning, and even though I will most assuredly not be hung over, I might not be at my best. Sharing food has a magical way of making others overlook my little eccentricites, I’ve found.

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