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It’s Ravelympics Day # … uh, I’ve lost track of what day it is. But the Icarus shawl is finished!

The other exciting thing that happened today is that it snowed — real, genuine snowflakes, with accumulation and everything — for the first time since Valentine’s Day six years ago.

I’ve heard the slogan “knit fearlessly” before, though for the life of me I can’t remember if it’s associated with one particular BNK. Today was my day to photograph fearlessly. Yes, that means what you’re thinking it means.


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I’ve been knitting lots since I last posted, but it’s been bad picture-taking weather lately. We had a few days of clouds while the counties south of us got rain, and for the past two days we’ve been the ones getting soaked. This pic of my Knotty or Knice sock progress was taken a few days ago:

knotty or nice heel

I hadn’t done a short row heel in a long time, so that was fun. The sock/yarn combo is growing on me, mostly because this is an awesome sock pattern. For someone like me who’s knitted from both Elsbeth Lavold’s Viking knotwork patterns, and Cookie A’s twisted stitch patterns, it was easy to memorize the knots, so I’m completely off the charts with this. Pun intended.

My lace Icarus blob is coming along, though difficult to get a good picture of:
Icarus rain

(Depending on how much rain we get this afternoon and tomorrow, the pool may well overflow. I would hope for the salt and chlorine to kill the renegade Bermuda grass, but I know better. Tenacious stuff.)

Here’s a better pic for the colors of the Malabrigo lace, colorway Whales Road:
icarus blob

I went back to The Knitting Nest and exchanged one of the variegateds for two skeins of the Continental colorway, which matches the bright blue and will become the border, when I get that far.

And in honor of WendyKnits’ Lucy, here’s Shrubbery Cat watching me try to photograph the blob, and asking if he could please be a Housecat until the rain stops:
Icarus Roger

Don’t feel too sorry for him though… he has his own chiminea on the porch, with a crocheted cat bed to curl up in.

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New Projects

September has hit, we’re down into the double digits temperature-wise, and all of Austin has gone a bit crazy in anticipation of fall. (Highs in the 80s count as fall weather… for now we’re still in the mid 90s.) I got a cooking magazine in the mail yesterday that was full of braising and roasting recipes. Dudes, we’re just now getting weather nice enough to emerge from the air conditioning to use the grill! It’s not too soon to plan for the holidays, though… I just got my order of the new Knitpicks holiday ornament kit:

holiday kit

I’m looking forward to making mini sweaters/gift card holders, and knitted popcorn and cranberries. It seems like there are an abundance of projects just waiting to happen, and I’m giving myself most of this week to indulge in new cast-ons.

I have some Panda Silk in variegated yellow that I want to use for the September SKA yellow challenge. Started the Knotty or Knice socks, but I’m afraid the yarn isn’t playing nicely with the pattern:

knotty socks caston

I really like the pattern itself, and I was looking forward to doing a short row heel for a change. I may take the other skein and try out the Field of Flowers Socks instead, even though that pattern doesn’t appeal nearly as much.

I swatched for the Aeolian shawl over the weekend, but discovered that the silk Claudia Handpaints isn’t going to be the nicest stuff to knit with. Aside from one disastrous encounter with linen I’ve never really worked with yarn that has no give. I’m thinking this project will be better done over the holidays, when I can focus on it and just relax. I’ve got two sock projects going on (once I revise my Windowpane pattern and start the monochrome sample socks) and Christmas presents to keep working on, and I just don’t have the patience to work with the silk right now.

I happened to be down at The Knitting Nest, introducing a new crocheting friend of mine to their Wall O’ Cascade, and came across some gorgeous Malabrigo lace:

yarn malabrigo lace whales road

Usually I wouldn’t go for variegated for a lace project, but I’m thinking that Icarus can handle the color… or at least the body of it can, and I’ll worry about the lace border when I get there. The WS rows are already getting boring and I’m not even done with the first repeat of Chart 1, so I figure this will be a good project to pick up and put down in a busy month.

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