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Saturday I finished the Circle Socks:

I don’t know if it was good luck or good manufacturing, but my two skeins of Felici were almost identical in patterning. This pleases me:

The very last cast-off row on the right sock is in tan, but you can barely tell. I like that I got to use up the self-striping yarn on an interesting pattern… one that, because of the size 0 cuffs, leaves a honeycomb pattern on my leg when I wear them! Good thing I mind tight socks less than I’d mind slouchy socks. I may try to pawn this pair off on my Mom, though, because I’m pretty tired of looking at brown, brown, brown, and can’t conceive of when I’d ever wear them.

I took Sunday off from socks and instead wound the Claudia silk lace for my next shawl project, which if the yarn cooperates will be a Queen Silvia.

BTW, the “flickr sendr” app has made my life so much easier… now it’s just as fast to use my iPhone as it is to go dig up the real camera.

Yesterday I got back to my windowpane socks. I’m on version 2.1 of the cuff pattern chart, and trying to figure out how to de-funkify a funky intarsia cable cross where the colors aren’t lining up quite right. I have 14 days to knit 1.75 socks, including writing the heel instructions. I’m afraid that the pattern is going to insist on a wedge toe… a whirlpool toe would interrupt the nice clean lines, so I’ll just have to suck it up and deal, for the sake of getting good pictures for the PDF. (Maybe I won’t weave in the ends, and redo the toe as a whirlpool after picture-taking.)

Saw Julie & Julia on Friday and am now having to resist the urge to put in plaintive “Is anybody out there” comments, even though I don’t get fussed over page hits or comments. I kind of see this blog as a combination of my own knitting/design notebook, and eventually a resource for anybody who’s using my patterns and wants more info. Also, now I kind of want to debone a duck, stuff sausage in it, and wrap it all in pastry. But I won’t, because I have 14 days and 1.75 socks to go.


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I’m working on designing my own intarsia sock pattern to knit for the Sock Knitter’s Anonymous July challenge. Which means I now have 3 days to get a useable cast-on picture posted. Back on Sunday when I had a whole 5 days before this looming deadline, I decided to give myself a break and cast on something easy, mostly because I didn’t want to find out if I need to rework my own pattern again. Procrastination, ahoy!

I decided I wanted to use up the KnitPicks Felici that was part of a sock sampler I got for a Christmas present. Me and self-striping yarn do not get along, because it doesn’t like texture, and I do. My first attempt was Anne Campbell’s Circle Socks. Here they are:

I’d recently run across the pattern for Lizard Ridge Socks, though, which actually calls for Felici. I liked the idea of making a self-striping sock yarn not look self-striped, but I wasn’t sure I could face all that stockinette. Just to be sure I’d end up with socks I love, I grabbed the other skein and gave it a try:

The Circle Sock is apparently legendary for not staying up — I used size 0 needles and figured I’d run some sock elastic through the first few rows to fix that — but these stockinette and short row socks seemed like they’d have even more problems staying up. The short rows also tend to make baggy lumps unless I stretched the sock out with my hands, and the pattern directions suggest “blocking aggressively”, which didn’t fill me with confidence. I still love the idea behind this pattern, but I think I’m going to go with the Circle Socks instead.

With that decided, I guess I have no more excuses not to knit the next few rows of my own pattern, and find out if I have to rethink and redraft the charts again.

Maybe I’ll go bake some chocolate chip cookies. They’ve been sounding good for a few days now, and I suspect I may need some chocolate to get me through the next 3 days of knitting.

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