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Proof that I am crazy

Proof that I am crazy: the beaded edging of my Lalique lace sweater goes to see Kung Fu Panda 2 in 2D.

lalique at the movies

I’m really trying to get this edging done so I can block and get on to knitting the arms, but a rare 2D showing was too good to miss. Fortunately this theater has good light levels pre-show.


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I really meant to post Monday about how awesome the classes with Anne Hanson were on Sunday. My mother-in-law visited on Tuesday, though, so Monday was Clean All The Things day. Then yesterday morning, I was settling down at the computer, eating a bagel for breakfast, and broke a tooth. So my day became rather over-involved with dentistry issues, and now most of the week is already gone and I get to look forward to having a titanium screw put in my jaw sometime in the next six months. (And, wouldn’t you know, I’m getting ‘bonk’ed when I try uploading pics for this post to flickr… I wonder if they’re on Amazon’s server cloud, which is also borked today?)

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