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I’ll never get “caught up” on this blog. The only way to keep it from dying entirely, I’ve decided, is to go on with what I’m doing now and possibly fit in some of the missing stuff as I get the time and inclination. (The Venn diagram of the union of sets “time” and “inclination” is nonexistent, from what I can tell.)

So, moving forward, I was amused to see Sheri at the Loopy Ewe post about knitting with pets in your lap. I almost always have my iPhone within reach, and frequently have a cat on my lap when I knit. I add a cat-modeled picture to as many projects as I can. So to make up for being terribly negligent about posting, I thought you might like a picspam of pretty cats and knitting.

muriel and string theory

This skein of String Theory Caper Sock was twisted inside, so I had to wind it into a ball by hand. Muriel was not amused. The rest are under the cut:


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