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Ta Da!

Finished the socks yesterday, posted to Ravelry, then vegged out on the couch instead of posting here. Bad knitter; no cookie.

windowpane socks FO

An overhead view:

windowpane socks overhead

After I decided that Araucania Multy looks best in stockinette (you can see examples in my Swatches tab), I came up with this pattern to show off the yarn colors, but with traveling stitches that give me something interesting to do on every row.

My charts have scribbles all over them, so I need to edit the pattern and then I’ll cast on the solid-color socks, which I’m going to try out in Crystal Palace Yarns’ Maizy. The elastic content should really help with the fit – all those diagonals make for a lot of bias tightening. This sock was a 72 stitch cast-on, but the next version may well end up being 76 stitches.

I’m guessing it will be at least a month before I’ll be ready to put the pattern up on Ravelry.


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After a false start, the heel is done:

This is the “non-stop heel” that Katherine Misegades adapted from a gansey sweater underarm. It took longer than I anticipated, because I was an idiot and forgot that I should still be working in the round as I made the heel ‘flap’. Got halfway through and had to tink and start over. At first it works very much like a Cat Bordhi-style sock; you increase for the arch expansion on either side of the heel stitches. For this sock, I worked the increases in the same slip stitch as the heel:

When you have enough increases, you work a short row heel turn designed to take up all the extra stitches in the ssks or p2togs. In addition to avoiding the need to pick up stitches, this gives a nice, flat look to the seam between heel and sole:

In contrast, a traditional pick-up gusset uses some of the picked-up stitches from the side of the sock to make up the sole stitches, because the short-row heel turn ends up smaller than your starting stitch count. This looks odd when the sock isn’t on a foot:

Since the non-stop heel progresses differently than the gusseted heel I used for sock #1, I’m curious to see if it takes the same number of total pattern repeats to get to the toe. I sure hope it does!

Got a fair amount of knitting done last night while watching my Redskins* almost beat the Patriots — way to go, guys! Great game! Two knitting days left, and half a foot to go.

*For the curious: I’ve lived in Texas longer than anywhere else, but I grew up in DC. Thus the odd spectacle of a Redskins fan living in Cowboys territory. =)

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Sock 2, Day 3

Day 2 ended up being a wash. I was “being good” by cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and cooking before I sat down to knit. Which resulted in giving myself toe cramps that made it impossible to sit down at all, much less sit down and knit. Lesson learned – do the knitting first!

So this is Wednesday’s progress:

I’m hoping to have the heel turned by the end of tonight. Project Runway to look forward to on teevee.

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Sock 2, Day 1

I decided to do a gradual reveal of the windowpane pattern, partly to keep myself on track getting the second one finished by next Monday. So this is yesterday’s progress… all 8 bobbins of color B are attached:

This represents 3-4 hrs of knitting (I lost track of how many things I watched off the Tivo) so I think I’m going to have to keep up the same pace for the rest of the week. Logging off to go knit now.

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Sock is done!

Just finished Kitchenering the toe of my first windowpane sock. Got it right the first time, even though I don’t need to Kitchener very often!

7.5 days to make its fraternal twin while resisting the urge to cast on a Queen Silvia shawl.

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I can haz heel!

I forgot that I meant to try a no-pickup gusset. Thinking I may do that on the second sock and let them be different (and also, feel which one is better on the foot, since the bias lines make fit a bit more challenging in the same way the Coriolis is). Plus I can’t bear to rip it, since I got the decreases and the heel turn to come out right on my first try!

I’m off to knit group, and hopefully this first sock will be finished today or tomorrow. (Also, I guess I should go put lotion on my heels or something.)

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Saturday I finished the Circle Socks:

I don’t know if it was good luck or good manufacturing, but my two skeins of Felici were almost identical in patterning. This pleases me:

The very last cast-off row on the right sock is in tan, but you can barely tell. I like that I got to use up the self-striping yarn on an interesting pattern… one that, because of the size 0 cuffs, leaves a honeycomb pattern on my leg when I wear them! Good thing I mind tight socks less than I’d mind slouchy socks. I may try to pawn this pair off on my Mom, though, because I’m pretty tired of looking at brown, brown, brown, and can’t conceive of when I’d ever wear them.

I took Sunday off from socks and instead wound the Claudia silk lace for my next shawl project, which if the yarn cooperates will be a Queen Silvia.

BTW, the “flickr sendr” app has made my life so much easier… now it’s just as fast to use my iPhone as it is to go dig up the real camera.

Yesterday I got back to my windowpane socks. I’m on version 2.1 of the cuff pattern chart, and trying to figure out how to de-funkify a funky intarsia cable cross where the colors aren’t lining up quite right. I have 14 days to knit 1.75 socks, including writing the heel instructions. I’m afraid that the pattern is going to insist on a wedge toe… a whirlpool toe would interrupt the nice clean lines, so I’ll just have to suck it up and deal, for the sake of getting good pictures for the PDF. (Maybe I won’t weave in the ends, and redo the toe as a whirlpool after picture-taking.)

Saw Julie & Julia on Friday and am now having to resist the urge to put in plaintive “Is anybody out there” comments, even though I don’t get fussed over page hits or comments. I kind of see this blog as a combination of my own knitting/design notebook, and eventually a resource for anybody who’s using my patterns and wants more info. Also, now I kind of want to debone a duck, stuff sausage in it, and wrap it all in pastry. But I won’t, because I have 14 days and 1.75 socks to go.

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