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A break from knitting

At lunch with friends. If it were possible to live on Chuy’s creamy jalapeƱo dip, I would.

Here’s my friend miceblank’s crocheted sock. Aren’t the little granny squares on the cuff adorable? She’s on sock 1 of 2, so we’re both going to have a busy eight days. Better fuel up on lots of chips and dips while we can.


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Ravelry iPhone app!

ETA 4/2011: Since this post still gets a lot of traffic from search engines… the official Ravelry App has been canceled in favor of them improving the mobile Ravelry site. Read Casey’s explanation at http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/for-the-love-of-ravelry/1465110/1-25#2.


I went to The Knitting Nest today for their Valentine’s Day Ravelry party. It was a fun time, and I’m sorry I didn’t think to bring a camera or take pictures on the phone. I also kind of feel like a fraud because someone else did have a camera, and I think got pics of me working with my drop spindle, probably ineptly since I’ve never actually plied and finished a handspun yarn. I’d forgotten that spinning tends to attract attention… not my goal, but Icarus is at the point of needing its charts, and I need to wind bobbins of Color B before I can do any more on my sock. There was a sale in honor of the day, and I picked up a nice llama/wool blend called Guanaco (no actual guanaco content, but I thought the name would amuse my camelid-loving husband). I’m going to try making fingerless gloves/wristwarmers from it, to ward off the sometimes Arctic chill in my computer room.

And now, on to the scoop: Ravelry iPhone app!

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Testing WordPress app

Sitting on the couch watching X-Games thanks to a suggestion from knitting buddy threerings, and trying to finish my Bex socks by tomorrow.

Dot is “helping”. Actually, she’s a great lapcat because she doesn’t care if I drag yarn through her fur or set things on her to photograph. I don’t actually know if I can get the photo into this post or if it will appear separately.

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Kid n Ewe Fiber Fair 2009

The Kid n Ewe (& Llamas, Too) Fiber Fair was held in Boerne, TX this past weekend, and I road-tripped it with friends of mine who had to miss last month’s yarn crawl.

There are something like 20 pictures in this post, so I’m hiding it behind a jump. Anyone reading from RSS: sorry, and would you also like some spam, a la Monty Python?

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Days 3 & 4 and Yarn Crawl Haul

stamp page

Two more stores and the new stash pics inside: (more…)

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10 hours, 8 shops, *mumble*dollars spent

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Slept badly, woke too early, but I wasn’t the one driving and I wasn’t the one who flew in from Vancouver last night, so I really have no excuse to be as wiped out as I am.

We made it to 8 stores today though! I took pictures at some, forgot to at others. I petted a St. Bernard and a big black tomcat, and failed utterly to attract the interest of some alpacas who were six hours into being the featured attraction and were totally over the whole ‘being petted by people’ scene. We passed an exotic wildlife ranch with some sort of cervidae that had big racks but the spotted coat of fawns. We also passed a wake of turkey buzzards, and I was again glad to not be driving, because my car and I both have shaky nerves still, from the Great Turkey Buzzard Incident of ’08.

The only reason I dragged myself to the computer tonight instead of handwaving the whole thing until Monday is to enthuse about Cat Bordhi’s Personal Footprints book, which I picked up today. So far I’ve only looked at the pretty pictures, not read the guts of how to make them work, but I love this book already! I’m a big fan of the gusset technique from her New Pathways book, but with a few exceptions I wasn’t interested in making any of the socks in the book; I just adapted the technique to other sock patterns instead. This new book is full of awesome socks! I can’t wait to make the Chain Mail, and the Stained Glass, and the one with a symmetrical lace ‘seam’ down the front of the sock. There’s even an adorable ankle sock, and I never like those.

So yes. If you knit socks, go get this book. If you know how to knit, purl, increase, and decrease, go get this book and learn to knit socks. It’s the construction equivalent of skipping straight to Magic Loop instead of learning on fiddly DPNs. Heel flap? Pick up extra stitches at the corners to avoid making a hole? Wrap and turn? Ur doin it wrong.

One shorter road trip tomorrow to another store or possibly two. Bed now.

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